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CYP flip-flops on recount demands

Taing Vida / Khmer Times Share:
CYP president Pich Sros speaks to the media yesterday in Phnom Penh. KT/Chor Sokunthea

The National Election Committee yesterday seemed set to delay the release of its official election results after a recount was demanded by the Cambodian Youth Party, which subsequently withdrew its complaint just hours later.

The CYP yesterday morning submitted the complaint to the NEC asking it to recount ballots for his party across the country.

CYP president Pich Sros requested the recount of ballots because he believed the CYP gained more votes than recorded by the NEC.

“I filed a complaint asking the NEC to recount the ballots for my party again,” Mr Sros said after filing the complaint. “The actual number of supporters who voted for the CYP is 39,417, not 39,333.”

He said that the CYP observed irregularities during the ballot counting and his complaint was not motivated by politics.

NEC president Sik Bun Hok speaks during a press conference last week. KT/Chor Sokunthea

But a few hours later, Mr Sros flip-flopped and withdrew his complaint after NEC officials said he provided no evidence.

“I withdrew my complaint because I forgot to attach videos clips as evidence,” he said. “I still want the NEC to recount our ballots despite the discrepancy being small. I will file a new complaint once I have finished collecting proper evidence.”

NEC spokesman Hang Puthea said that the NEC is still set to announce its official election results tomorrow.

Mr Puthea noted that the results could only be delayed by a legitimate complaint that the NEC is unable to solve before the scheduled release of official results.

Speaking at a press conference at the NEC headquarters yesterday, Mr Puthea said that the NEC is scheduled to announce its official election results tomorrow.

“If there is a complaint, the announcement will be postponed because the NEC needs time to solve it,” he said. “If a complaint has no clear evidence to be considered, we will dismiss it and announce results as planned.”

“We offer two ways for a political party to file a complaint,” he added. “By law, the NEC has to solve the complaint urgently and in an appropriate time before September 10, the latest date that the NEC could delay the announcement. Or else, the NEC will announce it as scheduled on August 15.”

According to Mr Sros, the NEC announced on July 31 that the CYP received 39,417 votes but the preliminary result on August 11 showed that it received just 39,333.

Meanwhile, NEC deputy secretary-general Som Sorida yesterday said that the NEC received a letter from the Khmer Anti-Poverty party demanding a re-election.

“It’s a letter without clear purpose. I would say it’s not a complaint although the NEC will write a letter to respond to the party as soon as possible,” Mr Sorida said.

The NEC on Saturday announced preliminary results, upping the voter turnout rate to 83.02 percent with 6,362,241 valid votes cast and 594,659 invalid votes tallied.

The CPP dominated all other parties by securing 4,889,113 votes (77.36 percent) of all valid ballots, it said.

The three closest competitors were Funcinpec with 374,510 votes, the League for Democratic Party with 309,364 votes, and the Khmer Will Party with 212,869.

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