DJ Jasmine Li @ Pontoon tonight

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Jasmine Li was in the Guangzhou Opera for 12 years. Meta House

Shanghai based electronic music artist Jasmine Li has been DJing for over a decade. Jasmine has elevated electronic music in China and remains on the forefront of Asia’s contemporary underground house and techno scene. Hailing from Guangzhou, Jasmine is co-founder of Shanghai’s popular after hours club Celia, committed to playing deep house, tech-house and techno.

Tonight from 11PM, Meta House and Pontoon are hosting an event with DJ Jasmine at Pontoon. She will accompanied by two other female DJs: Sao Sopheak from Cambodia and Nora Haidee from Malaysia.

DJ Jasmine started her musical journey as a child prodigy at the age of five. She first started playing the Pipa and Guzhen, after which she took part in the Guangzhou Opera for 12 years as the leading Pipa soloist, a lute-like stringed instrument with over two millennia of Chinese tradition. As much an electronic music enthusiast as an accomplished Pipa and Guzhen player, she started blending the traditional with the new, creating sounds not heard before.

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