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Google dishes out pie

Ismail Vorajee / Khmer Times Share:
Google’s Android P has an updated security model. Google

Google started its long anticipated roll out of Android 9 ‘Pie’ to devices earlier this week with its own Pixel-branded handsets the first to benefit.

Among the features of Google’s latest version of its OS is Adaptive Battery. Google says the function intends to prioritise apps based on power consumption and in conjunction with Adaptive Brightness for the display should help users stave off flat batteries and stay connected. As outlined at Google I/O, Android 9 Pie is also putting stock into the uptake of artificial intelligence as well as adapting Apple’s gesture-based navigation.

“Changing how you navigate your phone is a big deal”, explains Google in a blog post. “But small changes can make a big difference too. Android P also brings a redesigned Quick Settings, a better way to take and edit screenshots (say goodbye to the vulcan grip that was required before), simplified volume controls, an easier way to manage notifications and more. You’ll notice small changes like these across the platform, to help make the things you do all the time easier than ever.”

With Facebook in the headlines over the last year thanks to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Google has also attempted to allay privacy concerns with an updated security model.

“Improving security is always important in each of our platform releases, says Google. “In addition to continuously hardening the platform, and an improved security model for biometrics, Android 9 enables industry-leading hardware security capabilities to allow protecting sensitive data like credit card information using a secure, dedicated chip.”

Google did state that the official release does not include all the features it showed off at Google I/O. Among those missing are a slew of Digital Wellbeing features. They are instead, set to be offered as a beta option for Pixel users.

For Cambodian consumers eager to jump on the Android Pie bandwagon, there are a few cheaper options than heading down to Psar Thmey and haggling with hardened vendors. Using the ‘Cambo Quick’ service, you can have refurbished first generation Google Pixel phone in white for just $219.45, and the black version at $234.49. A new Pixel goes for $313, while refurbished Pixel XL phones start at $249.

If the Pixel option is not for you, the Essential Phone PH-1, can be yours for a mere $330.

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