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Ministry warns of online medicine dangers

Pech Sotheary / Khmer Times Share:
The medicines are promoted on Facebook. MOH

The Health Ministry has issued a warning against five types of joint-soothing medication and 12 types of sex stimulants that are being sold illegally online, noting that they can cause negative health effects and possibly even lead to death.

A ministry statement on Tuesday said that the drugs, which are unregistered and have not undergone testing, can cause death through the perforation of the stomach or a heart attack.

The ministry said that the five types of joint pain relievers and 12 sex stimulants are being advertised daily on the Facebook page Krousar Reakreay 168.

It said that the drugs are not registered, and there is no permission to import or advertise them.

“In order to avoid losing money or suffering health issues, people should immediately stop using all these products that have been advertised through the Facebook account Krousar Reakreay 168,” the statement said. “Users are at risk of dying from perforation of the stomach or by heart attack.”

The ministry identified the pain-relieving medicines as Joint Inflammation Relieving Capsules, Heel Pain Remedy, Arthritis Pain Relieving Capsules, Lumbar Wast Care and Waixuen Tong Joint Easing Capsules.

The 12 sex stimulants are Vigrong Tablet, Black Gorilla, Big Penis, Ametica Maca, Ametica Kidnes Gold, Renal Theasure, Strong Gold Maca, Maka, Maxman, France T253, Black Ant King and Golden Deers Tail.

The Ministry said it will take legal action against the owner of the Facebook account Krousar Reakreay 168 for importing, advertising, distributing and selling these illegal products.

Heng Bun Keat, the ministry’s Drugs and Food Department director, could not be reached for comment yesterday.

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