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Drive to replenish trees in Mondulkiri

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An ad for the tree campaign. Koh Santepheap

Junior Chamber International Cambodia, in collaboration with WCS Cambodia, will hold a two-day tree planting event in Mondulkiri province starting on August 17 as part of a campaign to grow about 50,000 trees from this year to 2020.

The campaign “Let’s Plant 2018” is aimed at increasing awareness on the need to protect the country’s forests in order to prevent natural disasters and reduce global warming. The event is being held with the cooperation of the Environment Ministry.

“The Environment Ministry has already approved giving us 50,000 seeds for replanting in the province and we are cooperating with WCS Cambodia to do so,” the campaign’s deputy manager Seng Sokheng said. “During the coming event, we will plant beng and kranhoung trees at schools in the province.”

Mr Sokheng said that only a few hundred trees will be planted as the purpose of the campaign is not to grow all 50,000 trees at a single event, but to promote their growth to replenish those that have been cut down and to help improve the environment, including having fresher air.

He added that apart from planting trees, the event will have other activities like camping. Those who wish to participate can contact the organisers.

Mr Sokheng also invited companies to donate to the campaign.

San Chey, executive director of the Affiliated Network for Social Accountability, said that while planting more trees is a good move, the government should do more to prevent logging which is the main cause of deforestation.

“Mondulkiri is a province abundant with forests and reports of their destruction is shocking,” he said. “I do not object to the planting of trees, but those doing so should also appeal for a solution toward conserving the remaining trees.”

“The planting of more trees shows that deforestation is happening but the balance between replanting certain types of trees and those cut down does not address the loss of different species of trees in the province,” he added.

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