Road repairs to be improved

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Sun Chanthol inspects a damaged road. Nokor Wat

The Minister of Public Works and Transport has instructed all public works and transport departments to increase maintenance and repairs of damaged roads to ensure the safety of passengers and reduce traffic accidents.

While inspecting road repairs on National Road 33, National Road 3 and National Road 41 in Kep and Kampot provinces which were damaged during the rainy season, Transport Minister Sun Chanthol said that some repairs had in the past not followed proper standards.

“There are rules for maintenance,” he said. “We have experience, but we do not implement things correctly. So, from today, I would like to ask all departments to increase their standards.”

Mr Chanthol added that workers should keep an eye out for loose gravel on roads and clear it off to ensure that motorcyclists do not hit chunks of stone and crash.

“If we serve the citizens, we must have good procedures to serve the people,” he said. “We cannot let our poor standards lead to traffic accidents. So, when we see a damaged road, we must properly repair it.

“It is unacceptable if we wait until leaders come to inspect the roads,” he added. “The national level does not have time to go around inspecting all the roads. The 25 capital and provincial public works departments must work on this themselves.”

Mam Touch, director of the provincial public works and transport department in Kep, said that road maintenance workers must improve their techniques.

“All of the minister’s recommendations will be put in place and implemented continuously until these problems are resolved completely,” he said. “We will continue to expand our knowledge to develop our roads with a high quality of standards.”

According to Mr Chanthol, the government is planning to improve the quality of all roads in the Kingdom to help facilitate travel for people in order to give them an opportunity to climb out of poverty.

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