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Prey Veng sees high turnout rate

Ven Rathavong / Khmer Times Share:

Prey Veng province – More voters turned out to vote here this year when compared to the 2013 election, election officials said yesterday.

Vong Sophorn, head of the Provincial Election Commission, said yesterday that the turnout rate was 81.91 percent, compared to 71 percent during the 2013 election.

“There were no obstacles here in our province, and as a result voter turnout was at 81.91 percent,” Mr Sophnorn said. “We’re happy that citizens understood and lived up to their obligation as Cambodians to cast their votes.”

In Prey Veng, 15 parties were contesting 11 available National Assembly seats and 541,473 out of 661,042 registered voters cast ballots yesterday at 1,827 polling stations. In the 2013 national election, 576,114 out of 809,020 registered voters cast ballots here.

More than 6.8 million people cast their ballots yesterday, representing 82.17 percent of the 8.3 million registered to vote. In 2013, voter turnout was about 69 percent, with 6.6 million valid ballots cast.

Most voters came in the early morning to vote in Prey Veng city. Polling stations in the city had no other party observers aside from the CPP’s.

Mr Sophnorn said that the National Election Committee informed parties to deploy observers, but several parties chose not to. He said the election was free and fair.

Mr Sophorn added that complaints from the League for Democracy Party were received over how ballots were ticked.

“The LDP is prepared to complain about the tick,” Mr Sophorn said. “We are prepared to receive the complaint from LDP.”

Hong Sokai, an observer from the Disabled Female Federation, said yesterday that regardless of the lack of a real opposition party, the election process was peaceful.

“We see the process as transparent,” Mr Sokai said. “We accept this election even without the CNRP because a massive amount of voters turned out.”

Hing Yoeun, a Khmer Will Party lawmaker candidate, said yesterday that he could not comment on the election process because he did not observe any polling stations in the province.

“We don’t have observers in Prey Veng or anywhere else in the country because we didn’t have time to organise,” Mr Yoeun said.

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