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Ruling CPP thanks voters who cast ballots

Cheang Sokha / Khmer Times Share:
: Prime Minister Hun Sen cast his ballot in a polling station in Takhamo town of Kandal province. KT/Chor Sokunthea

The ruling Cambodian People’s Party has thanked all voters who cast ballots during today’s national election, noting that 82.17 percent of registered voters showed up.


In a statement released this evening, the CPP said that the high voter turnout rate clearly illustrated the political rights of Cambodian people and multi-party democracy.

“The CPP firmly believes that multi-party democracy is the foundation of sustainable peace and development,” it said. “We congratulate Cambodians who have voted today for sustaining a multi-party-political system in Cambodia.”

More than 6.8 million people voted today, representing 82.17 percent of registered voters. In 2013, the voter turnout rate was 69.6 percent, with about 6.6 million votes cast.

The CPP, which is expected to maintain its grip on power as the results are tallied, also thanked local and international observers in its statement.


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