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Boeung Kak Protest Change New Strategy

Ven Rathavong and Va Sonyka / Khmer Times Share:
Boeung Kak protesters writing on the street with rice in front of Phnom Penh City Hall. (KT Photo: Ven Rathavong)

Phnom Penh, September 29, (Khmer Times) – Boeung Kak protesters apply a new strategy of writing on the street with rice after rain flooding damaged their houses. 
Protesters used three bags of rice that were soaked by the flooding yesterday – and therefore no longer fit for human consumption – to write on the street in front of Phnom Penh’s City Hall. This is to remind the city government that it has done nothing to protect their property from the flood waters.
The heavy rains yesterday morning severely flooded many areas of Phnom Penh, including the one-time-lake Boeung Kak. 
The people living in this area have gotten the impression that the city of Phnom Penh does nothing to stop the flooding of their homes in an effort to discourage them from further protesting over land issues.

Yorm Bopha, well known land activist, has requested that the city drain/pump the flood water from the Boeung Kak area
Yesterday protesters also blocked the road in front of Phnom Penh city hall.

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