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With Cambodia’s fast economic and social growth, it’s not anymore surprising to see big and tall buildings sprouting everywhere. And while it’s true that new establishments and other national developments made life easier for us, it has also contributed to the dramatic increase of land prices. Of course, everyone wants to own real estates that they can use for businesses and investments. And with the rise of this demand comes the rise of the prices.
So if you want to start investing on land and real estate right now, the Khmer Home Cambodia Real Estate Valuation mobile app is for you.
This newly updated app enables the users to get the prices of land even without visiting the site or talking directly with agents. The app will be able to reveal other significant information about the location you’ve keyed in and help you decide if it’s good for your planned investment or if it won’t be beneficial to you.
With the app, you can be sure that you get only the best and most reasonable price as the real estate data are collected from the


With the updated version released just last week, Khmer Home Cambodia Real Estate Valuation does not only give you the professional valuation of land, but it also provides users with a list of related properties and new articles about the local real estate.
This useful mobile application is available for free on Google Play. It will soon be made available for IOS users.

Getting started

You can download the app anytime you want. As soon as you have it on your mobile device, you can start searching for specific land locations you are interested in. The app automatically provides the user with valuation price based on the GPS. With this function, users can easily know which areas in Cambodia have development potentials and which ones don’t, so you can start your move for you future benefit.

Searching for your fave location

To make it easier when you already have the place or land area in mind, the app provides the user the search button. Type the location or other information available and you will immediately see your desired location with the appropriate and reliable price quote.

Looking for listings near you

Furthermore, you can also find available land near your location in case you do not want to go far from your potential area.

Professional valuation service

Moreover, the user can also get to use professional valuation service. The prices and valuation processes are legal. To get this service, just key in short background information about yourself: name, phone number and email.

Measuring land area

Additionally, this app also has a function which you can also measure the land size. The measurements will be considerably accurate, depending on the information you provide in the app.

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