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3 pocket-friendly ways to stay healthy


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Trying to stay healthy isn’t always easy. Very often, when you start attempting to live healthier, you will find yourself spending substantially more time, effort and money trying to understand what this exactly means for you.

For some of you, this may mean spending more time and money picking out healthier options at the grocery store, trying to understand ambiguous health benefits of certain products such as office chairs, beds and devices or even figuring out what to do after joining a gym.

Choosing to stay healthy will frequently lead to you spending more time, effort and money which may derail this process over the longer term. To offer some motivation, we detail four simple ways you can tweak your lifestyle to stay healthier and save money at the same time.


Sure, this will lead to you spending time to create a list, but the benefits far outweigh the cost. For starters, any time spent creating this list will see immediate returns when you spend less time picking out things at the store.
Additionally, when you start drafting a list of healthier things you should be getting from the grocery store, you are more likely to leave out junk food snacks and soft drinks from the list as these tend to be impulse buys. When you’re at the grocery store, you just have to stick to what’s on your list.

Making a list also means that you are consciously planning for your meals in the days and weeks ahead. When you do this, you will invariably end up cooking at home more. This also leads to more savings on restaurant meals and healthier dining options with your freshly bought ingredients.



If you don’t already know, Phnom Penh dwellers can hop on regularly scheduled public buses to go to schools and workplaces early in the morning. Even if you’re keener on travelling on your own, being a regular early bird is still beneficial for your health.

To benefit from this, you will have to plan your sleep time accurately. This will not only mean savings in public transport usage but also a better quality of sleep as your body becomes accustomed to a regular routine. Studies have also shown that waking earlier frequently lead to more positive outcomes for the day, including being more proactive and optimistic as well as planning better strategies.*

Sleep deprivation and/or irregular sleeping patterns can lead to many health-related problems and risks. With greater attention to planning your sleep routine, you will be forced to consider optimal sleep patterns. This is usually between seven to eight hours a night.


Everyone has probably told themselves at some stage of their lives that they should exercise more or live a more active lifestyle.

However, only a minority of people actually end up doing it. It’s easy to just say or think this or even join a gym to feel like you’re moving in the right direction. This may work for a short while. In the longer term, however, you may not follow through with the resolution once your schedule gets a lot busier.

One of the best ways to motivate yourself is to have a work-out buddy or to join a group that exercises together. Cancelling plans with yourself is a lot easier than letting down a friend who has already shown up in the gym, or a group that expects your attendance.

In addition, working out with other people makes exercising more fun, interactive and less daunting. Call your friends and rope your family members into a group exercise session so that you can spend quality time with them while keeping fit.


The basic premise of achieving a healthier lifestyle is to ensure you spend time to develop a plan that you can stick to. The trick is not to be over-ambitious at the start, and gradually update or add to your plan when you think you can afford the time and money or see your stamina or strength improving.

Of course, you need to stick to the plan for it to work out.

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