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Have you ever felt loving someone at first sight? Have you ever felt abandoned by the people you love that you are forced to live all by yourself?

Written by a well-known songwriter and novelist, Sok Chanphal, “ Sangsa 14 Thngai” or “14 Days of Love”, is a story that tells both deep emotions.

The author writes a story of love and life of a girl – Yany – who comes to pursue higher education in the city with her cat named Leak, who got lost in the streets of Phnom Penh. The unfortunate incident leads Yany to meeting a handsome man named Measa, who is passionate in photography. Yany finds her cat and is able to take her back home, but her heart has been unexpectedly captured by Measa.

As a student in the Department of Media and Communication, Yany meets Measa again. She finds out that her new apple of the eye will be her classmate for the entire semester. Yany harbours a deep crush on him, without his knowledge. Fortunately, half a year later, Yany is assigned to do an assignment with Measa as her partner.

But Yany’s happiness slowly fades as she discovers that Measa is not as good and kind as she thinks he is. He relies on her so much, letting her do all the academic requirements while he focuses on his photography. But Yany, blinded by her emotion, continues to work on the project and tries to understand Measa’s passion. For her, having the chance to stay close to her crush is enough reason to be motivated.
To Yany’s surprise, Measa confesses his admiration and asks her to be his girlfriend. She says yes, with her heart beating so loud and strong. She knows she is in love.

Their relationship gets tested just a day after it was formed. A group of boys harass Yany and tell her derogatory words. Measa shows up and holds her hand, and announces to the class that Yany is his girlfriend.

But things come spiraling down after Yany’s father dies in a car crash and her mother abandons her for a rich man. She expects Measa will help her get through her hardships, but it turns to be the other way around.

Because of her love for his boyfriend, Yany makes excuses for Measa’s behaviour. She vows to not give him up. But her heart gets a little broken every time somebody tells her that Measa is already seeing another girl.

On Valentine ’s Day, Yany prepares a gift for Measa, expecting nothing in return. But her excitement vanishes after she sees him with his ex-girlfriend. That’s when she realises that she needs to give up her love for Measa and fully let him go.

Yany’s sufferings just continues to come since then.

How will she be healed? How will she regain her self-worth? Will she continue loving the wrong man?

To find out the answers of these questions, grab a copy of the 14 Days of Love. Visit KhmerWriter on Facebook and check on how you can get this literary masterpiece.

It’s a story we can all relate to. It’s a story that reflects our very own experiences and feelings, and our very own lives.

Author: Sok Chanphal
Publication: July 2018

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