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Local bourse sees 214 pct jump in Q2

May Kunmakara / Khmer Times No Comments Share:
More than a million shares of Phnom Penh Autonomous Port have changed hands so far in July. KT/Chor Sokunthea

Cambodia’s equity trading volumes spiked by more than 214 percent in the second quarter, a sign that new initiatives put in place by the exchange operator have heighten investors’ interest in the local bourse.

The Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX), which has been in operation for more than seven years, registered a buying spree in Q2, from 322,583 shares in March to 986,994 in June.

The trend continued into the third quarter, with a total of 3,060,754 shares traded in the first 17 days of July.

According to CSX, shares of Sihanoukville Autonomous Port (PAS) saw the biggest jump in trading activity during the last few weeks, going from 124,884 shares in June to 1,077,510 so far in July.

“This indicates a significant rise (762.81 percent) in demand for PAS stock, with its closing price rising by 2.36 percent (from 5,080 riel at the beginning of June to 5,200 on July 24),” CSX said.

Trading activity was also robust for Phnom Penh Autonomous Port’s (PPAP) stock. In June, 424,037 shares were traded, but so far in July that number is already up to 1,015,839. However, share price has declined by more than 3.5 percent.

Similarly, trading at Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority (PWSA) was also strong, with traded shares rising from 347,632 to 832,891 during the June-July period, an increase of more than 139 percent. Share price for PPWSA stock also declined, from 3,650 riel in June to 3,260 in July.

Kim Sophanita, director of the Market Operations Department at CSX, told Khmer Times that the increase in trading activity was the result of a joint effort by CSX and the regulator (the Securities and Exchange Commission of Cambodia, or SECC). They worked together with securities firms and other relevant parties to promote the market and educate the public.

“This trend is a positive sign for the market. It shows there is increasing demand in company stocks. PWSA, PPAP and PAS are in very high demand indeed,” she said.

She said this was probably due to the very attractive price-earnings ratios, particularly for PPAP and PPWSA.

“Their PE is now at 4.89 and 9.50, respectively.

“CSX has also kept on improving trading operations and made market access easier with the introduction of continuous trading sessions, trading before settlement, and a mobile trading system, among others. “This, coupled with this year’s options to buy more stocks, has contributed to an increase in transactions,” she added.

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