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Chinese pharma firm enters local market

Sok Chan / Khmer Times Share:

Yisheng Biopharma Co Ltd (Yisheng Biopharma), a Chinese biopharmaceutical company, has chosen Cambodia as the first country to expand its business and product sales operations in Southeast Asia with the launch of two subsidiaries here yesterday.

“The opening of these two divisions, Anderson Biotech Company Limited and Royal OncoCare Hospitality, is an important milestone in the company’s history.

“Our product, Yivyka, is approved in Cambodia for the treatment of advanced solid tumours including lung, breast, liver, colorectal and stomach cancers,” said Zhang Yi, founder and chairman of Yisheng Biopharma.

Yivyka is an innovative immuno-oncology drug that was recently approved by the Cambodian Ministry of Health. It is the first biological product introduced into the Cambodian market by the company.

David Shao, president and CEO of Yisheng Biopharma, said Asean countries have experienced an economic boom over the last decade and the region represents one of the fastest growing markets for the biopharmaceutical industry.

“With a population of over 600 million under-served individuals in these countries, we are committed to expand and deepen our presence in the Southeast Asian region.

“We are conducting drug development here, with programmes in immuno-oncology, rabies and hepatitis B infection, and are well positioned to introduce a series of innovative products in the region.”

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