Local Hip Hop movement makes waves

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“Polarix“ members aren’t just hip hop dancers as they also have shown their knack in singing original songs. Supplied

Dance continues to evolve around the world. In Cambodia, we’re introduced to several kinds of dances – traditional, modern and their sub-types. The Hip Hop movement has grown popular over the years as well, so it’s no wonder why CSA Talent Agency launched a performing group that will bring dancing standards several notches higher.

“Polarix”, as the group is collectively called, comprises Van Norith, Juvie Lin, GV Lux and Thy.

Prom Channvorleak, manager of the talent agency, said that the group recently performed at TEDx, where they met several other artists and learned so much.

“We tried to join many competition in and out of the country to learn from other groups’ theories, techniques, styles. We don’t plan to copy them, we just want to learn from established dance groups.”

The group’s manager added that they boys have been working together since July 2016 and have produced original music. Ms Channvorleak said the talents of the members of Polarix go beyond dancing. They also create superb music in different genres, with “Chase” as their first single uploaded in vevo.

“When we realised that our songs have attracted quite a big support, we were inspired to work more. We focus mostly on Hip Hop as we want people to dance together with us. Be we also produced love songs, too. We produce only original music made by our team,” she shared.

In 2016, the Hip Hop group partnered with the TMS/CBS Group and joined two international dance competitions in Thailand.

And as the group continue to carve a name in the entertainment industry, their following has also grown. The boys currently serve as brand ambassadors of a telecommunication company.

“Polarix has the ability to write, produce and perform their own music. We have also done a lot of collaborations with other artists. Currently, the crew is working on more new songs,” said Sim Norak, a member of the business managing team of CSA.

Polarix is also the first Cambodian group to compete in the international Hip Hop competition. CSA will also soon be releasing music videos of the group’s songs.

Ms Norak said that CSA puts much effort on video-making as it is an art piece that visually tells stories to its intended audience. CSA has already produced several music videos for popular artists in Cambodia.

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