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How to be calm

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We are living in a world where everything and everyone seems to be in a rush. We have to follow hectic schedules, beat strict deadlines, and run for our lives or something like that. But if one knows how to stay calm and at peace amidst all the chaos in work and in life, one wins. “You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude towards what happens to you,” reads one of the most popular quotes. And it is true.

More often than not, when a new task is added unto our to-do list, we start to panic and get intimidated. We believe that not doing things on time is a failure on our part, a cause for stress or disappointment. But that’s just too wrong. Life isn’t merely about beating impossible deadlines or following demanding timelines. There is no reason to rush through things. What we always fail to realise is that things come out nicer and better when they’re done in peaceful and serene way.

But, how do we find peace? The answer is to keep yourself calm, no matter what life throws at you. Author Anna Barnes just knows how you can achieve a worry-free mind. In her book “How To Be Calm”, Barnes starts by introducing the idea that to be calm is not to live life with no stress and pressure, but to be aware of its existence and learn to take it under your control instead of having it take the peace out of you.

Going through page by page, How To Be Calm gives out techniques on how one can maintain calmness, the tricks to calm oneself at home or at work by showing the ideal ways of eating, sleeping, doing exercise, relaxing and feeling. Barnes also included treatment and therapy recommendations for those who need it.

I enjoyed reading the book as it gives me the sense of peace. Turning from one page to another, I noticed that the book does not consist sequential long lines of texts to read, but instead, the author has broken them down into smaller passages with many pages consisting illustrations along with useful tips and words reminding us of the interesting facts of our lives, which some of us might have long forgotten.

I would highly recommend this book to those people who are in need of support to deal with stress, especially those who find it hard to sleep at night or those who always breathe heavily with sweats and their anxiety going high with the deadlines they need to meet. This book is the first-aid kit you need right now.

You can find this book at Monument Books for just 15 USD or order online at

Author: Anna Barnes

Publication: 2016

Publisher: Summersdale Publishers Ltd.

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