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Police reveal ex-cop’s misconduct

Pech Sotheary / Khmer Times Share:
Military police spokesman Brigadier General Eng Hy speaks about the former police officer. KT/Mai Vireak

Military police yesterday clarified details about the misconduct of a former officer accused of damaging the force’s reputation by posting fake news on Facebook.

Police said Sorn Samneang had failed to respect regulations while he was working, and the discipline council terminated his service.

Moreover, Mr Samneang had continued to attack and damage the military police’s reputation after his dismissal.

Military police spokesman Brigadier General Eng Hy spoke about a video on Facebook in which Mr Samneang claimed he had lost his job and assets to the Kampong Thom provincial military police due to a drug crackdown on a powerful individual.

Brig Gen Hy said this claim was wrong. The discipline council had conducted two investigations and found no involvement with the Kampong Thom provincial military police commander.

In contrast, the discipline council found Mr Samneang guilty of misconduct including extorting money from marijuana dealers in return for the release of 166 kilos of marijuana that had already been burned.

He had demanded money from people transporting illegal timber in many cases and had also kept some timber at his mother’s house. He had chased a vehicle transporting timber and hit a man, killing him.

“The Royal Gendarmerie does not keep individuals who have no morality, fail to respect regulations and violate the law,” Brig Gen Hy said.

Mr Samneang was arrested by military police in Kampong Thom province on Sunday for repeatedly posting allegations about the police on his Facebook page despite being warned to stop.

He was charged by the Kampong Thom Provincial Court with public defamation and incitement before being placed in pretrial detention.

Before his arrest, the former military officer went live on Facebook and said that he had no intention of accusing or damaging the honour of the military police.

He said he had gone live on Facebook to air injustice he had experienced during his work as an officer in Baray district in the past.

Mr Hy said that Mr Samneang had used Facebook continuously to spread false information, affecting the reputation of the Royal Gendarmerie. Because of sympathy and tolerance, no lawsuit had been filed against him.

However, with the national election approaching, Brig Gen Samneang continued to go live on Facebook aiming to causing chaos, which led the military police to ask the court to take action against him, he said.

Brig Gen Hy said they had to crack down on any crime at this time for security, public, social order and the national election process to run smoothly.

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