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Why Cambodians need a strong government

Alexander Johnson / Khmer Times Share:

For almost 40 years, Cambodia has truly been blessed with fruitful results under the Royal Government of Cambodia with Samdech Techo Hun Sen as prime minister and CPP at the core. The Cambodian People’s Party has gained the legitimacy of the Cambodian people through democratic elections and has won five consecutive terms. Overwhelming turnout during the campaign points out that the CPP will gain overwhelming support from the Cambodian people in the forthcoming National Election on July 29.

Since the beginning, the CPP has always been in communion with the people at every circumstance and has made every effort to overcome difficulties, both small and large, to build a peaceful, stable, and developed society as we have seen today. Beyond development, Cambodians have the opportunity to live happily, have the right to make their own destiny, have an opportunity to take part in the country’s fate and come out to see the world more broadly than ever. This is a great value for all Cambodians.

The Kingdom of Cambodia has passed the most grueling stages including emergence from war, psychological pain, loss of children, loss of couples, separated relatives, foreign economic suppression, geopolitical effects, human resource deficits and lack of transportation infrastructure.

If the CPP is close-minded, the country will not have a monarchy, no revival, no human capital, no information technology, no democracy, no multi-ethnicities, no free market, no international relations and no 5 democratic elections. Compared to neighboring countries, Cambodia is on a better political platform. These achievements are due to the strong commitments of the Royal Government and the positive contribution of the Cambodian people.

There are, of course, some challenges that we need to deal with using a series of concrete steps. We cannot rush and destroy our whole country, as Lon Nol and Pol Pot did, and follow the wrong policies of Kem Sokha and Sam Rainsy. The cause of war and its breakup are easy to make, but making peace and rebuilding the country takes longer. We cannot afford to go back to the past.

The current and future wins of the Royal Government of Cambodia under the CPP are the collective victory of all Cambodians. But, of course, the victory of the Royal Government of Cambodia under the leadership of Samdech Techo Hun Sen is the pain and the failure of the opposition and foreigners who tend to oppose Cambodia. However, without a strong government, Cambodia is definitely a ground of ideological feud and anarchy, and there is no opportunity for the country to grow. This is true.

The illegal opposition and anti-Cambodia foreigners continue to act both openly and secretly to serve the purpose of destroying the achievements made by the CPP. If they love the country, they will not commit such bad acts against this beautiful country. If they are loyal to the Cambodian people, they will cooperate with the government to discuss how to solve the country’s problems.

So who are the foreign-supported anti-Cambodian opposition?

Firstly, it’s “Khmer destroying Khmer”. They are in the former CNRP and the Sam Rainsy Party. In politics, Sam Rainsy does not care about anything, except to aggressively win in politics. If the Royal Government and the CPP are soft, they cannot catch up with the ruthless tactics of Sam Rainsy and his co-workers, and war would have erupted in Cambodia since 2013. This is true!

Secondly, it is Khmers in the service of foreigners out to destroy Cambodia. They benefit from Cambodia’s progress, but they serve foreign guards to destroy Cambodia. We should use the term “Khmer help Khmer”, but obviously they serve foreigners to destroy the Khmer people. Foreigners destroying Cambodia are not so many. They hide in civil society organisations that receive foreign money, in foreign newspapers and in foreign radio stations, such as Radio Free Asia. They have a view of the sky, but they cannot direct a small organisation. This is not meant to point fingers, but it’s a warning for Cambodia to be vigilant. Without a strong government, they will help bring in foreign-born ideology to Cambodia, as in the Middle East.

The third are “foreign groups destroying Cambodia”. These are groups like Human Rights Watch, Global Witness and certain individuals, hiding in the United Nations. Their examples are nothing short of rehashing old reports to make them appear new and incendiary. Now, the three Cambodian opposition groups are continuing to act in unison for the purpose of destroying Cambodia’s election by blocking people from voting.

Alexander Johnson is a Volunteer, Union of Journalist Federations of Cambodia

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