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Free Tutors for Second Exams

Muny Sithyna / Khmer Times No Comments Share:
Students buy revision documents near Bak Tuk High School. (KT Photo: Ros Chanveasna)

PHNOM PENH (Khmer Times) –  The Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sports (MoEYS) is providing tutoring classes to prepare 12th-graders for the second national exam in October – free of charge. 

Education minister Hang Chuon Naron,  gave instructions to all provincial and municipal departments to coordinate the tutoring classes for the 75 percent of students who failed the first exams. 

“[The departments] are in the process of organizing it,” he said. The tutoring aims to explain some lessons to the students and give them revision exercises. This makes it easier for the students to learn.”

Mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology will be taught based on the revision documents. Students and teachers can obtain them from the ministry’s official website. 

Similar initiatives have also been made elsewhere in the region. In Yogyakarta,  Indonesia, the government provides online consultation for junior and senior high school students on a regular basis through its website, mobile phones, or email.

Ros Sothyravuth, a chemistry teacher at Sonthor Mok High School, said he supports the free tutoring, but is concerned about the number of teachers who will volunteer to provide it.

He said that the contents of the revision exercises are very useful. He was, however, concerned about chemistry because the material does not include sample exercises for the students, whereas the documents for the other three subjects do.

“I will begin the free tutoring at my school on Monday, as the principal requested,” he said.  For this one-month period, I will take a break from private tutoring at home and help out at my school.”

Leang Solin, a 12th-grader at Sonthor Mok High School, failed the first examination. “I am satisfied with this reform,” he said. This will enhance the human resource in our country, and it did justice to the hardworking students.” 

Asked if she had heard about the ministry’s revision materials, Ms. Leang Solin said: “I have downloaded the materials to study with my private tutors. If the second examination is similar to the revision materials, I am 80 percent sure that I will pass.”

She also showed her appreciation for the MoEYS’s effort to compile and upload the materials for 12th-graders. “This shows that [the ministry] is encouraging us to study hard for our retakes,” she said. 

A Sisowath High School student preparing for the make-up examination in October said that his school will begin the tutoring classes on Friday, September 5. He said the revision documents will help him a lot, as he has diverse material to learn from.

“I will go to school to attend the free tutoring classes, but currently I am also taking extra classes at Chey Thavy [a part-time school],” he said. 

He was quite disappointed that he failed the exams, even though he attended classes regularly and studied hard.

“I don’t know how my friends, who rarely showed up for classes, passed the national examinations,” he said. 

Many students are worried about the amount of time that they have left to study for the make-up examinations. They feel that a month is not adequate to cover all the subjects. 

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