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Could the KEY2 be the best Blackberry yet?

Ismail Vorajee / Khmer Times No Comments Share:
Blackberry KEY2 boasts fantastic physical keyboard and long-lasting battery life. Blackberry

BlackBerry has returned with another stab at Android glory. After losing its market share from its heyday of the early 2000’s, the KEY2 is RIM’s attempt at clawing back some customers from Apple and Android.

The KEY2 isn’t the Canadian company’s first Android-powered BlackBerry. But it may well be its best effort yet.

Keyboard aficionados will, of course, flock to the phone for its fantastic physical keyboard but the KEY2 also boasts a long-lasting battery. The device is typically premium and is priced at a wallet-busting $650. Spec-wise it is fitted with a 4.5 inch display and a decidedly mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor.

A USB-C handles charging, and a 3.5mm headphone jack up top will keep audiophiles happy. Storage is a 64GB/128GB affair and it can also handle MicroSD cards for expandability.

The KEY2 is an outlier in a sea of full-screen cellphones flooding the market. For those not swayed by Apple and Samsung, it might just be the smart choice.

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