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Learning how to communicate effectively

Srey Kumneth / Khmer Times Share:

Cam-Asean Corporate Training conducted last week a short course on Effective Communication Skills to train professionals and career people on the importance of communication in building positive working relationships, developing rapport among workmates and feeling comfortable and confident around other people.

Huot Soksovanmonni, Head of Corporate Training, said effective communication is the main factor in the progress of companies and businesses.

“Every job, no matter what it is, requires excellent communication capabilities. If you want to progress in your role, you need to be able to both express yourself clearly and be able to listen and understand the needs, wants and intentions of others,” Mr Soksovanmonni said.

During the training, participants were put inside a classroom where they shared their professional experiences – problems in the office, sources of happiness and frustrations, career development strategies and hardships.

They were also taught the different appropriate behaviours and actions for specific circumstances and places. During the sharing, participants aired out their personal perceptions on how to solve problems and issues among fellow workers.

The training course emphasised the significant impact of a harmonious relationship between co-workers, between employees and employers and between employees and clients. The participants agreed that problems and misunderstandings are unavoidable especially when workers are pressured with tasks. Participants were taught how to calm down during the hard moments, and solve the problems by themselves before involving others.

Participants were also trained in public speaking, and were given tips on how to look confident on stage. Body language, usage of right words, facial expressions, proper intonation were part of the discussion.

Jeffrey Cole, corporate trainer at Cam-Asean, talked and discussed with participants some points on how to ensure a good, two-way communication in working environments – understanding communication, communication styles and attitudes, confident communication, active listening, and non-verbal communication.

“If you want to be successful in your career, you need to know how to express yourself clearly and be able to understand and listen to what others have to say. Mastering the art of communications will increase your chance of success in both your professional and personal lives,” Mr Cole said.

Mr Soksovanmonni said that a second round of the Effective Communications Skills Training will take place in August. The training-workshop is expected to make the participating professionals to be more confident in communicating with other people, be it in the workplace or outside their work zones, to speed up the professional and personal developments and minimise irrelevant disagreements caused by miscommunication.

Cam-Asean Corporate Training offers customised English, Chinese and soft skills training for corporate employees who need to improve their language and skills sets for their personal and professional growth. More information at cam-asean-training.com.

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