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Train runs over drunkard sleeping on track

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A truck was also involved in a train crash in a separate incident. Post News

A train travelling from Preah Sihanouk province to Phnom Penh ran over a sleeping drunkard in Takeo province’s Samraong district yesterday, a police officer said.

Deputy district police chief Khun Yarn said that the victim, Keo Sokkhim, 37, was drunkenly asleep and did not hear the train’s blaring siren.

“He was drunk and slept on the track. The train ran over him at around 2am, but we were only informed of the accident at about 6am,” he said. “We have identified him and he is from Samraong commune.”

“According to his family, there had not been any disagreements with him prior to the accident and he was mentally sound. However, he had gotten drunk and slept on the track on three previous occasions, but was woken up by relatives,” he added. “Villagers said that when the train approached it was blaring its siren. However, maybe he was too drunk to be aware that it was coming.”

He said that the family had already taken the victim’s body for funeral rites.

In another incident, a truck rammed into an oncoming train, leaving the train driver and co-driver slightly injured, in Preah Sihanouk’s Stung Hav district on Sunday night.

An Otres commune police officer, who declined to be named, said the truck driver was at fault for the accident.

“The accident happened at the entrance into a coal factory. The train driver sounded its siren but the driver may not have heard it,” he said. “The train driver was sent to hospital. The truck was large and not badly damaged.”

Royal Railway CEO John Guiry said that he was informed about the truck accident but not the one involving the sleeping man.

“The train was travelling at 11 kmh with the horn blowing, headlight on and yellow flashing lights. The truck driver did not even look and drove into the front of the train,” he said.

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