Teen beaten by commander’s son

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The teen is too scared to file a formal complaint. Supplied

A victim who was allegedly beaten on Sunday afternoon by the son of the Varin district military police deputy commander in Siem Reap province has decided not to file a complaint out of fear, according to police.

Ly Savun, Sre Noy commune police chief, said that the fight occurred after the victim cut off the offender’s car while driving his motorbike.

“According to the victim, the cause of the problem is that he drove his motorbike across the road and the offender who was in his car honked at him and he did not stop the motorbike, so the driver rolled down his window and shouted at him for not listening to the honking,” Mr Savun said.

“The offender then reversed his car after hearing the victim curse at him and got out and beat him,” he added.

Mr Savun identified the offender as the son of deputy commander of Varin district military police He Yem, but could not provide the son’s name. He identified the victim as Khim Bouty, 17.

Mr Savun said that the victim likely does not want to file a complaint because the offender’s father is a high-ranking military police officer.

“There is no complaint from the victim even though I went to his house to ask about the story. He said that he does not want any problems because he received a phone call from his father telling him about the power of the offender,” he said.

Mr Yem could not be reached for comment yesterday.

Riem Chanmony, spokesman of the provincial court, said that he was not aware of case, but chief prosecutor Keut Vannareth told local media that he was waiting for a report from authorities to take action.

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