Garment workers block factory door in protest

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Staff at Gawon Apparel had their salaries cut by $60 per employee. KT/Chor Sokunthea

More than 200 workers from a garment factory in Kandal province’s Takhmao town blocked a road again after their company cut their wages and transferred some machinery away from the factory.

Srey Mom, an employee of Gawon Apparel, said the workers gathered to sit and sleep in front of the factory for a day and a night because they were afraid the company would transfer some machines away without paying the workers.

“The company cut our wages by $60 per employee and did not pay us our full salary for November,” Ms Mom said. “We are watching the company’s door because we are afraid they’ll take the machines away to sell them.”

Prak Chanthon, an official with the Coalition of Cambodia Apparel Worker’s Democratic Union, said the workers held photographs of Prime Minister Hun Sen and his wife to ask for their help.

He said the workers were willing to meet with the company to negotiate, but no agreements had been reached yet.

Chha Kbong Hy, the director of Gawon Apparel, wrote a letter to the Labour Department in Kandal province asking them to intervene.

“We did not transfer these machines to sell them. We want to upgrade the machinery and install new machines, but the workers blocked the factory’s door. It affects the company’s workflow,” she said in the letter.

On Wednesday, during a visit from Mr Hun Sen, he appealed to the workers to find a solution through negotiations with the company before protesting.

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