Khmer book review Veasna Ney Neang Nakry

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“Nakry’s fate” is known in Khmer language “Veasna Ney Neang Nakry” was written by an author Suy Heang. The book depicted many themes of various issues, which is resulted from Second World War.

The first theme of this book mainly discussed about an event in Phnom Penh during 1945 those houses, pagodas and temples deployed by the bomb of alliances [those alliances bombed Cambodia because they want to kill Japan soldiers in Cambodia]. Beside this catastrophe, the book mentioned that there are many people and monks were died in that time as well.

Not different from other family, the house of Ms Nakry also has bombed. In the moment, she and her niece don’t stay home, yet she could alive. Back to her father, when see his house is completely destroyed, he had sense of tragedy that all his relatives in house would die.

After finding in many places, he thought he has to return to destroyed house to find his daughters. Luckily, he meets Ms Nakry and his grandchildren there again. He then decides to send them to live with his friend’s family in Kean Svay [located in Kandal province] since he become homeless and poor caused from that war.

While living in that family, Ms Nakry responds and do all house work. However, she is not fine mentally because the son of that family is a bad guy named “Sinat”.

Upon a time, Ms Nakry meets Mr Vora [male actor]. This guy brings her a letter from her father, yet she was afraid of him at the beginning. After reading that letter, she realises that her sisters and servants were died in that house.

Later on, Mr Vora feels in love on Ms Nakry, but he doesn’t confess because he comes from poor family. Mr Vora thinks that he cannot propose her because he knew that Mr Sinat also loves her.

Until one day, Mr Sinat and his peers prepares to kill Mr Vora after knowing that this man fell in love in Ms Nakry. Unfortunately, Ms Nakry heard about his plan. She then prepares and agrees with Mr Sinat to marry as exchanging with life of Mr Vora. On the same day, they confess their love to each other.

Since then Mr Vora left to live in Kep province. However, Ms Nakry have infected from a disease. On this scene, the book showed that Cambodian people still believe in supernatural way. The family of Mr Sinat doesn’t send her to cure at hospital until her condition get worse.

Ms Nakry’s has evicted by that family to live near stable for buffalo. Fortunately, she has rescued by Mr Vora after his returning from Kep province. He sends her to hospital and few weeks later she is recovered. Then Ms Nakry’s father arranges them to married. Mr Vora then becomes a business man with a strong wife behind. This book is available to read at the Scholar Library.

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