Youth learn new skills in hairdressing programme

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Cambodian youth receive hairdressing training from Wella-UNICEF Making Waves trainers. Supplied

Every young person has the right to learn new skills in a safe, supportive environment, and education is one of the most wide-reaching and beneficial investments in children’s futures. It delivers the opportunity to gain essential work and life skills, lifts people out of poverty and contributes to empowerment and better health.

Over the course of a year, WELLA-UNICEF Making Waves will provide at least 800 young people throughout Cambodia with vocational training, including hairdressing and life skills education, working with NGO partners Friends International in Phnom Penh and some provinces.

A representative to UNICEF Cambodia, Debora Comini, said that, “We are incredibly proud to be working with Wella to empower young people with life-changing vocational training and skills.”

The programme supports young people from the poorest and most vulnerable communities; 500 vulnerable children and adolescents will be reached with child protection services, and at least 2,200 children and adolescents with life skills, to help reduce vulnerability.

“We have seen the impact of this partnership firsthand through the enthusiasm of the young hairdressing trainees themselves and their eagerness to learn. We believe that this initiative will improve the young people’s employment prospects and their ability to transform their own and their families’ lives,” Ms Debora continued.

WELLA–UNICEF Making Waves aims to nurture the potential of young people. It encourages them to transform their lives by equipping them with life skills and vocational training.

Hairdressing training and mentoring is a key part of this partnership, with Wella Professional’s hairdressers from around the world volunteering their time in order to help deliver the programme and share Wella Professional’s passion for hairdressing education.

Over the past few months, 10 Wella Professionals stylists from across the world travelled to Cambodia to take part in this year’s WELLA-UNICEF Making Waves programme, excited to share their skills and passion for hairdressing.

Students were trained in a series of essential skills to help equip them with the expertise needed to become a hairdresser, from cutting techniques to highlights. By sharing their own experiences, the team of stylists hoped to inspire their mentees to take ownership of their futures and begin their own careers in hairdressing.   

Katherine Duke, a hair stylist and mentor from William Guy Hairdressing in the UK, commented that, “What impressed me the most was the students’ dedication to their learning. The minute we taught them a new technique they couldn’t wait to get the brush out of our hands. They’re so eager to learn. They really want to change their own lives.”

UNICEF and Wella Professionals hope to follow the success Making Waves has already achieved in Vietnam, Brazil and Romania, encouraging and enabling young people to transform their lives and build brighter futures.

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