Volunteers keep Phnom Penh beautiful

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The Sa-at project held their first event as part of the Clean Phnom Penh. KT/Say Tola

Aiming to raise awareness among students about the importance of keeping the city clean, about 20 volunteer youths from the Sa-at project held their first event as part of the “Clean Phnom Penh” or “Phnom Penh Sa-at” campaign at Asian International School last week. About 250 students attended and were trained in how to separate garbage by the Sa-at team.

According to Phal Pisal, an executive member of the Sa-at project and team leader in charge of training and education, his team targeted young students first in the hope that they will convey what they have learned to their parents.

“What we want to see is a clean city. If people don’t litter, Phnom Penh will be cleaner,” Mr Pisal said.

“I noticed that students were really excited to join with us. Our key message has already been conveyed in a song and a video clip. And it will be spread widely soon,” Mr Pisal said.

As part of the campaign, the school selected 15 model students to serve as representatives of the Sa-at Project. They will convey messages to and serve as positive role model for other students. They have made a long-term commitment to the project, as the city cannot be cleaned in just a year.

“If we want to change a bad habit in one society or country, I think we should start with young students because they will determine the direction of the country in the future,” said Mr Pisal.

He said he hopes the Sa-at project will have a positive impact on people in Phnom Penh first. Then his team will expand the project to other provinces all over Cambodia. He believes people will be eventually become more aware about dividing and preparing trash properly.

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