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Focus on ICT to Improve Traffic Safety

Cecelia Marshall / Khmer Times No Comments Share:

PHNOM PENH, August 20, (Khmer Times) − Members of the Information Communication Technology (ICT) field, and road safety organizations met on Monday to develop strategies to reduce traffic congestion and increase safety. Instead of using legislation, their goal was to solve road safety problems through the use of innovation. 

ICT can be used for development work, said Mak Puthea from Information Communication Technology for Development Cambodia (ICT4D). ICT4D, a group of local and international NGOs in Cambodia, aim to use mobile technology to give Cambodians a voice, and access to information. 

Through SMS, people can report on traffic accidents, among other things.

Chatomuk Traffic is an app and a company. The company was founded this June and is using the ICT field for public well-being. The free app can be downloaded onto smart phones. 

Users can share real-time information about traffic jams in Phnom Penh.  A pin is located city map, and a photo can be uploaded. 

While this may save people a long commute, some ask if this increase accidents by distracting the drivers.  

Another strategy discussed was animating road safety for children.  A team from the Open Service Development allied with the Coalition for Road Safety (CRY) and Toyota to produce a short video clip that will be appear on cable television and online. “

“If we want more road safety, we must start from the beginning and start with children,” said Kol Seourn.  

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