Japanese Father of Over 35 Children Wanted for Questioning

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Surrogate babies that Thai police suspect were fathered by a Japanese businessman who has fled from Thailand are shown on a screen during a news conference at the headquarters of the Royal Thai Police in Bangkok. (Photo: Reuters)

PHNOM PENH (August 18) Khmer Times — Mitsutoki Shigeta, 24, a Japanese man is under international investigation for suspicions of fathering over 35 babies under a surrogate scheme in Thailand. 

In a series of crackdowns on surrogacy, Thai police raided Shigeta’s “baby making factory” apartment in Bangkok, Thailand, and discovered nine surrogate babies along with a pregnant surrogate mother. 

The children were taken into custody and placed in a Bangkok orphanage.

Documents were found linking him to another six infants in Thailand and four in Cambodia. 

Police reports also show that donor eggs, 19 of them from one Spanish lady, were used for in vitro fertilization. 

The Japanese tech investor fled Bangkok to Macau on Thursday morning. Authorities do not know where he is now.

The crackdown on surrogate babies started after a baby boy born with Down syndrome to a Thai surrogate was abandoned by an Australian couple.

The news has brought Thailand’s commercial surrogacy industry into question, leaving around 200 Australian couples facing bureaucratic obstacles. 

Thai officials reported that children must have court clearance from the birth mother before leaving the country.

Thai police are pursuing Mr. Shigeta for questioning and are investigating the four children he has in Cambodia. 

Mr. Shigeta holds a Cambodian passport because of business holdings at a Hong Kong based company, but authorities have not stated any evidence linking Shigeta to baby trafficking.

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