Vietnam pig raid leads to pork scare

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Cambodian authorities say none of the tainted Vietnamese pork has made it into Cambodia. Supplied

The Ministry of Commerce yesterday said that CamControl officials have not yet discovered any cases of pork injected with chemicals being imported to Cambodia from Vietnam.

Spokesman Soeng Sophary said officers have been conducting their work as usual since a report surfaced in Vietnam of 3,750 pigs found injected with sedatives and others chemicals to soften their meat at a factory in Ho Chi Minh City. The chemicals are harmful to consumers.

“Our supervisory mechanism is still the same, we have not increased the monitoring when it comes to the problem,” he said.

“CamControl officers are monitoring the quality of all kinds of goods as normal, and there have not been any pig cases.”

Seng Sovann, director of the animal health production department at the Agriculture Ministry, said he had not yet received any report from Vietnamese authorities relating to the case.

However, the action to seize pigs in Vietnam was the result of a meeting of veterinary specialists from Cambodia and Vietnam last week, which required Vietnam to carefully check pigs before exporting them to Cambodia, he said.

“We agreed for Vietnam to collect pigs and check them well before sending them to Cambodia,” he said. “They are checked again before going to our markets, so they get checked twice.”

President of the Cambodian Pig Raisers Association Srun Pov said the import of pork from neighbouring countries, especially Vietnam, affected the health of Cambodians.

He said traders each day imported about 3,000 to 4,000 pigs from Vietnam, both legally and illegally.

“Some traders illegally import pigs, which do not pass through proper inspection by competent authorities, so no one knows whether those pigs are good,” he said.

“They could affect people’s health.”

Mr Pov urged the Ministry of Agriculture to reduce the import of pigs from neighbouring countries.

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