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Havas Riverorchid wins ‘best social media’ campaign award

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The Gold GLOBE award from MMA. Supplied

Chevron Cambodia’s “Preap Sovath Surprise” marketing campaign for its Caltex brand continued its sweep of global advertising awards when it was awarded the Gold Globe award for “Best Social Media or Word of Mouth Campaign” internationally, as recognised by the global Marketing Agencies Association (MAA).

The award celebrated the campaign’s record-shattering impact on Cambodia’s social media landscape, with more than 1 million views and 80,000 shares in its first 24 hours at a point when the Facebook active users were only 3.5 million. It was the first digital campaign in Cambodia to ever go viral.

The MAA GLOBES are a highly prestigious, results-driven global awards programme, recognising the very best of marketing communications campaigns from all over the world.

Caltex’s campaign had already triumphed at the 2017 Promotion Marketing Awards of Asia (also known as the “Dragons of Asia”).

Created by Havas Riverorchid Cambodia as part of Caltex Cambodia’s newly enhanced petrol launch campaign, this initiative features Cambodia’s biggest star Preap Sovath serving petrol to over 100 customers across four petrol stations in Phnom Penh.

Wearing a regular Caltex attendant’s uniform, Preap Sovath pumped petrol to astonished and delighted customers while discussing the benefits of Caltex petrol. He even gave some singing lessons, as well as tanks of free fuel as a gift from Caltex to celebrate the launch of the improved Techron formulation in its petrol which also coincide with Caltex’s 20th anniversary in Cambodia.

After six weeks, the “Preap Sovath Surprise” video had been seen a record-breaking 2 million times. Chevron Cambodia saw significant petrol sales increase and measured a huge increase in customer goodwill towards the Caltex brand.

“Delivering creative, memorable marketing campaigns which have a measurable, positive impact on businesses is the reason we do this work,” said Anthony Keck, Havas Riverorchid’s Group Chief Operating Officer.

“The MAAs are widely recognized as the most prestigious of the global marketing awards, so it’s exciting to be recognized at the top of our game internationally, and satisfying to see Cambodia competing successfully alongside America, the UK, India and Japan and other countries. We’re very thankful to work with an outstanding international brand like Caltex. This sets a very high standard, one we are determined to meet for all our clients.”

“We’re proud to have won this award in partnership with Havas Riverorchid,” said Daniel Hwang, product manager at Chevron Cambodia.

“An innovative product like Techron with clean and glidetm technology deserved an equally innovative campaign, and this one certainly helped raise awareness. We work hard to create products and services which really stand out, and we want our marketing to do the same.”

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