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Harsher measures for foreigners who flout COVID-19 laws in Cambodia, offenders to be deported

Kong Arey / Khmer Times Share:
People waiting to get tested for COVID-19. Many escape from this process and have contributed towards community outbreaks. KT/Kong Arey

Harsher penalties await foreigners and owners of establishments who or which are connected with COVID-19 in the country.

The measures include foreigners facing possible deportation from the Kingdom and prohibited from re-entry.

For Cambodians, legal action would be taken while establishments which flouted the law on COVID-19 by not reporting possible patrons or visitors or not cooperating with authorities in contact tracing efforts, will be closed down and their licenses revoked.

In signing off on the order, Prime Minister Hun Sen said that lessons learned from the November 3, November 28 and the current February 20 community incidents and outbreaks showed that there are many individuals who did not comply with existing laws such as voluntarily submit for testing, refrain from undergoing interviews to facilitate contact tracing efforts and establishments who do not provide relevant information accurately and in a timely manner.

The decision of the Prime Minister was made at the request by Dy Vichea, Sub-Committee on Research and Monitoring of Suspected COVID-19 through Mam Bunheng, Minister of Health and Chairman Inter-Ministerial Commission for Combating COVID 19

In a letter to the PM, Bun Heng said that in the past on 3 November, 28 November and 20 February, the Sub-Committee on Research and Monitoring of Suspected COVID-19 always encountered challenges in its operation.

The problem is that the person involved in cases often refused to cooperate, give interviews, disconnects and escapes, or refuses to do quarantine, and does not cooperate in the research and follow-up operations.

Therefore, in order to strengthen the work to prevent the spread of COVID 19 in the community, the subcommittee requested additional legal measures against individuals and locations which do not cooperate with the measures:

Two of four who escaped from quarantine at the Sokha Hotel, by bribing two security guards, are believed to have caused the current Community outbreak which is believed to have reached 100 positive cases.

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