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ACLEDA innovation will enable people to open accounts virtually

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An ACLEDA Bank Virtual Teller Machine. Supplied

ACLEDA Bank Plc has announced that customers can now apply for an ATM Classic Card via the bank’s Virtual Teller Machines (VTM).

ACLEDA’s VTM is an automated system that allows customers to open a bank account by themselves anytime and quickly.

The VTM’s special features automatically identify and recognise customers with on-board readers that verify an individual’s identity via their ID card/passport, facial recognition, fingerprint and e-signature.

Customers can open savings, payroll, current and demand deposit accounts denoted in riels, dollars, baht and euros via the ACLEDA VTM.

According to the bank, customers can begin to conduct transactions immediately after receiving the Classic Card.

Said Sok Sophea, senior vice-president and head of marketing at ACLEDA Bank, “Before customers would have to come to the bank counter to open an account and apply for an ATM card. Their request would take about three days to process, but now there is no need to wait. Customers can open accounts and request the ATM Classic Card immediately via the VTM.”

She added that in the near future customers wanting to exchange old currency for new notes will be able to use the VTM to that end. Customers who have lost their bank cards will also be able to print a replacement card at the VTM machine.

According to the bank, it is innovating and promoting its self-automation banking services as part of its focus on digitalisation. ACLEDA is diversifying its banking products by offering customers new choices in how they access banking services.

Early this month, the bank launched ACLEDA’s Current Account Plus, which adds the benefit of paid interest of term deposits to a savings account.

The bank added that customers who open a Current Account Plus will be able to conduct all their daily transactions easily and conveniently via their mobile phones and will receive interest payments on their account balance.

She added that the new account can be designated for the use of riels, dollars or baht and that customers will not need to move the balance in their current account to a savings account to earn interest. Current Account Plus holders will enjoy up to 0.2 percent interest on their balances.

Sophea added that another service the bank provides is term deposits. She said ACLEDA’s term deposits are best used as part of an overall investment strategy.

She said if customers find they have balances that remain untouched regularly in their account, they can open a term deposit via the ACLEDA mobile app and receive interest on that amount.

With an ACLEDA Bank term deposit, customers receive an attractive interest rate based on which package they select.

They can choose to have interest paid every month, at three-month intervals or at the end of the term length they commit to. Customers’ term deposits can also be held in riels, dollars or baht.

The minimum principal amount for opening an ACLEDA term deposit has been set at 2,000,000 riels, $500 or 20,000 baht.

For savings accounts there is no service fee charged for opening or closing an account and bank cards are free.

Additionally, no minimum balance is required to be maintained, a distinct advantage over other banks, which do.

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