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Do not discriminate in 3rd Community COVID-19 outbreak since most of them are Chinese

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A screen grab from CCTV footage shows one of the COVID-19 positive victims in the corridor of Sokha Hotel before she fled. Supplied

Most of the  32 people tested positive for COVID-19 in the past 24 hours are Chinese nationals but at no time or for any reason should they be discriminated upon. There is one Vietnamese and another national among the 32.

The government is confident that it can bring this community outbreak fairly quickly since they have identified most of them, if not all. Contact tracing is still being carried out all over the city in already identified specific spots.

Prime Minister Hun Sen said this morning on live television broadcast that the authorities were fortunate in quickly identifying the positive cases as a number of them had gone for COVID-19 PCR tests as they had plans for travelling.

“This is a stroke of good fortune amidst the severity of the situation. The contact tracing team also did a fantastic job. That is why the numbers could be contained and quickly acted upon to send them for treatment.

“I believe we can bring this particular COVID-19 episode to a close within a month,” he said.

It was learned separately that four Chinese COVID-19 suspects under quarantine at Sokha Hotel had bribed two security guards and fled the hotel.

There were mixed information as to where they were found as one information, believed to be factual stated that one or two of them had returned to the hotel for the COVID-19 tests as now the tests are conducted more than once.

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