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Ready for your week to get even better? It’s almost time for the final week of the Mobile Legends: Big Bang, with registrations now open. This is the last week to enter the tournament before the grand finale playoff between all the top scorers of the competition, so make sure to sign up this week for the chance to compete in the finals. Remember, the top prize is up to $2,500 so make sure you take your shot at the MLBB Series III registration!

Did you love our mall takeovers last month? Thanks to the huge turnout and all the fun we had in our series of mall events, we’re bringing you another one! Head down to AEON Mall 2 the weekend of the 27th and 28th for the first of Cellcard Edutainment’s [email protected] Penh.

Cellcard is bringing you more tournaments to show off your skills in front of your friends, family, and gaming idols with a lot of prizes up for grabs! There’s also going to be livestreams of the tournaments so you can stay part of the action even if you’re staying home.

If you’re more a lover than a fighter, don’t worry! There’s a lot in store for everyone at the [email protected] Penh. For all the influencer hopefuls out there, Cellcard is offering a series of Creator Crash Courses where you can learn what it takes to become the next Rean Thort! There will also be a little mini-concert with the musicians Tena and Zana on the 28th. See you there!

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