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“Hold steady” or “drop”, yesterday’s only options on CSX

Yesterday’s CSX index movement was limited yesterday to “hold steady” or “drop slightly” status.

The index itself moved downwards 1.47 points, to land at 639.21 on a trading value of 172,469,000 riels.

PPAP was among the day’s four “non-movers”, finishing the day at 11,980 riels per share. PPSP closed unchanged at 1,540. PAS rested at 13,489 and PEPC held steady at 2,950.

GTI was the largest mover of the day, closing down 80 riels to 3,220 riels per share.  ABC was off 40 riels for the day to end up at 16,860 riels per share.  PWSA nudged down 20 riels to land at 6,060 riels per share.

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