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Does true love exist?

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A lot of people wish to have true love and be loved by the one they love. It’s truly a happiness to have such an imagination. Nonetheless, there are countless people suffering from the desire for true love. Cheating and break-up up in relationships are very common in society which leave many people feel depressed and want to commit suicide. Chroy Changvar Bridge, for instance, in each year have many suicide cases related to love problem. Love has been ranked as the numberlove one cause of committing suicide, as of 2016 there were approximately around 18,900 people who had committed suicide because of love. As true love continues to be praised and admired, I would rather argue that true love is just an illusion in our physical world. It is an imagined order, which exists only in our imagination and has been developed for generations which shaped how we understand it.

Theoretically, it only exists in our imagination yet has been imprinted in our physical world through the creation of physical material to represent true love. For instance, there have been a lot of novels devoted to love stories between men and women. Tom Teav is one of the most famous novels in Cambodia which narrates the whole-hearted love between a former Buddhist monk and a beautiful daughter of a noble. Despite constraints from society and culture, Tom and Teav have devoted themselves to their love even at the cost of their life. The story itself also manifested the existence of true love because their loves happen despite the difference of wealth, social status, and strict culture. Another similar love story was depicted in European styles between Juliet and Romeo, they have sacrificed their lives and love each other unconditionally. It can be seen through the desire for vengeance between the two families and yet both of them still choose to love each other. In addition, some particular days and places also serve as the embodiment of true love, for example, the 14th of February. It has been used to represent the existence of true love while on the 14 of October no one celebrates it as the crying day despite there being many people who are crying because of 14 February.

The concept of true love has shaped society to accept it as mainstream whereas cheating and breaking up in relationships is unnatural. Novels and dramas, among other many ways, have been the most effective ways of putting the concept of true love in society. Even what has been described earlier are novels, places, social structures, and timelines that truly existed in the real world which convince most people to believe in the existence of true love. Because the concept of true love continues to flow into society, people tend to assume that it truly exists and they have transformed it to be the inter-subjective. If there is only one person in society who believes in it, it still doesn’t change the fact that it is an imagination. However, when most people believe in it, it has transformed that concept from subjective to intersubjective understanding which makes people believe that it really exists in their physical world.

The convincing of the existence of true love in this physical world has shaped our desire. The concept of true love has been structured for generations in the society so when people are born, they are already ensnared in that pre-existing social structure/imagined world order. Our desires and what we want have been shaped since we were children. For example, unconditional love has been praised and has had influenced us since we were young. As we grow old, we could be disappointed if we continue to have those same wishes due to there is no such thing as unconditional love.

In conclusion, the existence of love is undeniable; however, it is a prejudice to assume that love is unconditional and true. Love is a desire and expectation so when people are in love with each other, chances are high that they often have tradable things with each other like property, social status, and wealth. That is why it is very rare to see a poor and ugly person get married with a smart or beautiful person.  Love is based on the conditional feeling that a person is lovable only when they are pretty, rich, well-behaved, and good looking.


 Sokvy Rim is a Bachelor’s Degree holder in International Relations from Department of International Studies, Institute of Foreign Languages, Royal University of Phnom Penh.

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