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Prey Veng authorities call to develop ‘Love Lake’ into major tourism site

Buth Sela / Khmer Times Share:
Love Lake in Boeng Sne conservation area in Prey Veng province. Khmer Times

Prey Veng provincial authorities are looking for investors to help them develop “Love Lake” into a tourist destination in order to promote the province and protect natural resources and biodiversity.

Prey Veng provincial deputy governor Chan Tha said yesterday at a press conference that investment into Boeng Sne conservation area will attract local and international tourists to visit the province which could increase the income of the local community.

“Under the leadership of the provincial governor, we are strengthening and conserving the biodiversity of natural resources and we are looking for partners to develop this conservation area into a large-scale tourist destination,” Tha said.

“In addition to its rich natural resources, it is also home to many rare species of almost two million birds on  Poantaley island, the flooded forest and the lake which could serve as an attractive tourist destination for Prey Veng province,” he said.

Tourists visit Boeung Sne conservation area by boat. Khmer Times

Love Lake covers a large area, he added, spanning 4,000 hectares over multiple districts, consisting of Krong Prey Veng city, Ba Phnom and Peamro districts.

Tha said the lake is rich in wildlife such as fish and birds, especially endangered species living in the flooded forests under observation from local communities. “Every day, we see tourists go to visit there by taking the boat to see the scenery and swimming.”

“We will work together to conserve natural resources and biodiversity to improve local livelihoods,” he said.

Noun Sareth, deputy chief of Boeng Sne conservation community said about 30,000 tourists visited the lake last year.

On average, Sareth said, on weekdays around 70 to 100 people visited, on the weekend between 300 and 700 people and during festivals or national holidays between 2,000 and 3,000 people.

“The challenge is that people do not understand tourism work. They encroach on state land to farm and incite others to follow. We request to have an office for the community in the conservation area,” he said.

Last year, the government decided to support the project of establishing and conserving the Boeng Sne and Poantaley area in Prey Veng province, a multi-use area that benefits local people and the surrounding area by promoting eco-tourism including participating in supporting tourism.

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