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‘Dancing crab’ now being served at Singapore Kitchen in Phnom Penh

Rhea Mae Soco / Khmer Times Share:
Singapore Kitchen’s new special dish “Dancing Crab” in Phnom Penh. Supplied

Phnom Penh’s Singapore Kitchen, on street 245, will begin serving up a new special dish – the “dancing crab” – starting at 5pm today.

“Dancing crab” consists of a mix of seafood such as crab, prawn and clam as well as corn and tomato with a Singaporean style chili sauce.

Chua Kim Hai, the owner of Singapore Kitchen, is inviting people to come and taste the luscious “dancing crab” and experience the authentic taste of Singapore.

Singaporean Kitchen has a wide variety of food, not only for locals, but for many other nationalities, as Singaporean cuisine is a famous blend of Malay, Chinese, Indonesian, Indian and western flavours.

Apart from the “dancing crab”, Singapore Kitchen is also proudly presenting three of their most famous dishes: good dream roast beef, fish hot pot and nonya curry fish head.

The “nonya curry fish head” consists of a huge fish head and vegetables cooked in curry and served with rice. It originates from South India, with Chinese and Malay influences. This mouth-watering food has an ‘intense’ spicy taste that satisfies every taste bud.

Laksa is another sought-after dish in Singapore Kitchen. It is a famous Singaporean rice noodle dish with spicy coconut curry soup, shrimp, fish, egg and chicken, combining Chinese and Malay cuisine. These mouthwatering noodles are very popular with locals and expats as they truly transport you to the streets of Singapore with every bite.

Hai, an experienced chef who worked in a well-known hotel for a decade, who also comes from a family with a passion for cooking, said that it was his dream to have his own signature Singaporean dish to offer people in Cambodia.

“This has been my dream after ten years of working in a Singaporean-owned hotel in Phnom Penh as a chef. Now, I am supervising my own, offering the best of Singapore here in Cambodia,” he said.

Hai proudly told Khmer Times that none of his food contains monosodium glutamate (msg) which is widely used in Cambodia and most Asian countries.

“We don’t use food preservatives and most of our ingredients are being imported from Singapore, even our fish,” he said.

Singapore Kitchen has a wide variety of food that people can choose from. Even though most of the food is inspired by Singaporean cooking, it also has selections for other nationalities living in Cambodia.

Below are the dishes food-lovers can choose from in Singapore Kitchen.

The appetisers and salads include: chicken satay, crispy fried mid wing, tom yam fish salad, hot and spicy chicken salad, rothi pratha with curry gravy, stuffed Chinese croissant with squid mousse and salt and pepper pork ribs.

The western cuisine includes: asian roast chicken, black pepper chicken, pan seared fish, beer battered fish, breaded fish, black pepper beef, tuna and egg sandwich and chicken and egg sandwich.

The noodle and rice options include: Japanese curry chicken cutie, crispy fried chicken, beef lok lak noodle, slice fish noodle soup, X.O fried rice, seafood fried rice, beef fried rice, kung po chicken, coffee chicken, mongolian chicken, beef hor fun with black bean sauce, curry chicken noodle, sin chow bee hoon, butter chicken and KL black hokkien mee.

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