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Crackdown on big motorcycles suspended

Rhea Mae Soco / Khmer Times Share:
A big motorcycle parks outside a shop. KT/Rhea Mae Soco

The National Police have suspended the crackdown of big motorcycles after complaints that police seized motorcycles already parked at home.


Lieutenant General Sar Thet, Phnom Penh police chief, on Monday issued an order to the police of 14 districts in Phnom Penh to suspend the seizure of motorcycles with loud exhaust pipes. He said the suspension is to avoid harassment of motorcycle owners.

Lt Gen Thet said in the order: “In all districts, stop the seizure of big motorcycles because there are some that do not create loud noises. Confiscating all the big motorcycles is wrong, so please wait for the new order [from General Neth Savoeun, the National Police commissioner general].”

Minister of Interior Sar Kheng and Gen Savoeun gave the order last Friday to seize motorcycles causing noise disturbances on the streets.

“Big motorcycle riders were riding fast and some of them disturbed the local people… the police officers have to monitor and cooperate with the Ministry of Public Works and Transport to identify and address all these motorcyclists,” the order said.

Phnom Penh police and the Ministry of Public Works then coordinated to identify big motorcycles even going to villages and communes checking residences with big motorcycles.

Kheng’s order came after observing cases of gangsters riding big motorcycles modified with loud exhaust pipes disturbing people, including the minister himself.

Concerns were sparked from motorcycle groups questioning how authorities can assess if their motorcycles are considered as too noisy when there is no proper announcement as to how many decibels of sound is allowed on the streets.


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