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Headspace Guide to Meditation offers much-needed calmness during the pandemic

Taing Rinith / Khmer Times Share:
An animated illustration from the series. Netflix

Headspace, an online health care company specialised in meditation, has signed a deal with Netflix to have three series promoting mental health on the streaming platform. The first of the three, released on the first day of 2021, has already gained popularity from viewers who are looking at various ways to go through the tough time created by the pandemic.

The eight-episode Headspace Guide to Meditation gives an in-depth guidance on meditation for different situations. The series employs animation, both simple and complex to illustrate ways of meditation, along with the narration given by Andy Puddicombe, a former Buddhist monk and the co-founder of Headspace.

In the first episode How to Get Started, Puddicombe gives a brief of his personal story, particularly his journey from quitting a career in sports medicine to getting into monkhood in the Himalayas. Before going into the most basic form of meditation, which includes emptying your mind and using breathing techniques, he explains that meditation is not a way to eliminate all thoughts from one’s mind but instead the process of sitting on the side of the road and watch the traffic go by.

The episodes that follow address letting go, how to deal with stress, falling in love with life, being kind, dealing with pain and anger, and achieving limitless potential.

Another animated illustration from the series. Netflix

Although 2020 has ended, the COVID-19 pandemic, the worst socio-economic crisis is yet to be over, and people’s overall mental health has been at its worst in years. Headspace Guide to Meditation provides effective and efficient ways for people to deal with these problems.

While scientists have long discovered numerous benefits of meditation on physical and mental health, the series adds in the flavour of entertainment, with each episode created from the blend of actual meditation, education and storytelling. Such a series is much needed by people as they look forward to a calmer 2021.

The animation makes the series fun and easy to understand while the narration given by Puddicombe gives the simplest explanation that requires no advanced English language knowledge to understand and jump-start the practice. Meanwhile, Puddicombe’s calm and nondescript voice could be found perfect by viewers who prefer simplicity but may not satisfy those who are fans of celebrities.

With self-care being important more than ever now, Headspace Guide to Meditation has come at the right time to help people. It’s even better when those who watch series share the knowledge with those around them so that they can together get through this hard time.

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