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Safety first, okay to wait for vaccine

Rhea Mae Soco, Buth Sela and Chor Sokunthea / Khmer Times Share:

Cambodians overwhelmingly agree with Prime Minister Hun Sen’s decision to wait for the approval of the World Health Organization (WHO) before purchasing a COVID-19 vaccine to be given to the people. Khmer Times reporters Rhea Mae Soco and Buth Sela with pixman Chor Sokunthea went to the streets to ask people’s opinions about the announcement.

Sin Chandara, 34, phone shop owner

It’s good to wait until WHO announces that it will be safe for people. I will wait to see the ministers and doctors be vaccinated first. If they’re safe, I will consider being vaccinated, too.

Thim Sonita, 18, supervisor at Phnom Penh Restaurant

I think that it’s right to wait to be sure that the vaccine is safe to use for people. I want to be vaccinated because I think it could protect me from the virus.

Soun Bros, 38, monk at
Chak Angre Krom pagoda

Our Prime Minister has made the right choice to wait for a vaccine. It’s good to wait and make sure that it will be safe for people to be vaccinated and to guarantee people’s health. I suggest to the government to bring the vaccine to the people as soon as possible.

Chea Socheat, 20, student of accounting at Vanda University

It’s proper that we have to wait for the vaccine. Normally, any type of vaccine needs a long time to be produced and also needs a longer time to see the result of the test. I want to be vaccinated as soon as possible when it comes [to Cambodia] because we have a lot of children, elderly people, teachers, doctors and policemen who have a high risk of being infected.

Prang Monday, 24, receptionist  at Newton Thilay School

It’s good to wait until WHO approves a vaccine to make sure that it’s safe for people’s health. I want to be vaccinated, but I want to wait and see the effect of the vaccine on others getting it first. I can wait to be vaccinated later because I think there’s a lot of people who are at higher risk and they need it most. I suggest the government help to motivate our doctors and patients to fight the pandemic.

Sour Keat, 34, company
driver for Cellcard

I agree with what Prime Minister Hun Sen said yesterday that we should wait until WHO approves a vaccine that is safe for people’s health. I want to protect myself and to be vaccinated. It is very hard for me when going out and wearing a mask all the time. It is hard to breathe. My message to the government is to help bring the vaccine for people as soon as possible.



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