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Sustainable and quality food production from farm to table


The agro-industrial and food industry sector are a potential business in Cambodia. Khmer Times reached out to C.P. Cambodia Co, Ltd., one of the leading agro-industry and food conglomerate, to share how they developed a successful company and further trade relations between Cambodia and Thailand.

KT: Please give us the history and background of CPF.

CP: CPF operates an agro-industrial and food business headquartered in Thailand, operating in 17 countries and exporting products to more than 30 countries. For CP Cambodia Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CPF, it has been in business for almost 25 years, covering a wide range of industries such as animal feed production, animal husbandry, and food and processing production. In addition, we also do retail business namely FIVE STAR, STAR coffee, CP Fresh Mart, and CP Fresh Shop.

Our vision is to become “Kitchen of the World”. We focus on the principle of sustainable development, adhering to the three benefits: the benefit of the nation, the benefit of the people and the company itself.

These principles are at the heart of sustainability, which promotes the growth of business and society at the same time and is an important foundation for the sustainable development of the nation and the world, both economically and socially, without compromising the environment. And that makes CP Cambodia a proud entity to this day.

KT: How would you describe the operations of C.P. Cambodia in brief?

CP: CP is the leading Agro-Industrial and Food Conglomerate business. We operates integrated agro-industrial and food business, including livestock and aquaculture such as swine, broiler, layer, and fish. The businesses are categorized into 3 categories, namely Feed, Farm and Food. The Company also operates retail and foods outlets.

KT: What are the main products and services of C.P. Cambodia? Are these products limited to local consumption or you also export to other countries?

CP: We provide a variety of products and services depending on types of businesses. For feed business, CP offers a good quality of animal feed (under the brand namely CP, HIGRO, HOG, and Safe Feed) for farmers, and also gives a consultancy for animal husbandry and veterinary services about performance and disease prevention.

For farming business, we provide the best breeders for farmer such as swine, broiler chicken, native chicken, layer chicken, and fish. CP offers the business in term of contracted farming and/or investor. Our team will advise about increasing performance and will be a market for farmers.

For food business, the company is committed to improve a health and well-being of consumer. We produce quality of food products under CP Brand and Super Chef. Moreover, we offer business solution, such as FIVE STAR, STAR coffee, and CP Fresh Shop, for one who want to have their own business.

Currently, we focus on producing and supplying domestically to meet the demand of Cambodia consumption. For export, it will be our next priority.


KT: What makes C.P. Cambodia unique? What are its advantages over the competition?

CP: We aim to understand and solve a problem of customers and stakeholders. They are a key to success. With our technology and knowledge, we are able to offer the best solution for them with good satisfaction regarding to agriculture, animal husbandry, and consumer food products.


KT: What were the challenges that C.P. Cambodia faced early in its Cambodia operations? How did the company overcome them? Did the COVID-19 situation seriously affect the company?

CP: As for the situation, COVID-19 has had a profound impact on many sectors around the world physically, financially and psychologically. This situation is considered to be the worst crisis in history. For CP Cambodia, it was partially affected by the decline for consumers amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

We have established the management committee and done business continuity plan (BCP) for COVID-19. We have four key areas of concern for disease prevention which are: how to protect employees,  how to sustain the operation, how to grow business in crisis, and how to communicate effectively. In addition, we also do a risk analysis to evaluate an impact and likelihood of each stakeholders. The reason is to ensure that all product in each process is safe. The consumer can trust in hygienic standard and food quality of CP products during this crisis situation.

KT: How does C.P. Cambodia contribute to the development of the Kingdom?

CP: Over 25th years, CP Cambodia has shown great effort in contributing to develop an agriculture sector by buying domestic raw materials such as corn and casava. We offer careers for over 1,000 farmers in Cambodia. We provide great business opportunities for investors who are interested in improving agro-business. CP concerns about protecting and sustaining environment. In addition, we aim to transfer technology and knowledge with international standard in order to assist development in Cambodia.


KT: In addition to its business operations, C.P. Cambodia is also actively involved with the community where it operates. What CSR activities were undertaken by the company lately?

CP: There are three pillars for corporate social responsibility (CSR); food security, self-sufficiency society, and balance of nature.

Firstly, we would like Cambodian people to be able to access quality and hygienic food. Food for Lunch is one of our successful project. The company organized many activities for kids and communities such as blood donation, flood victims, sport competition, and government activation.

Secondly, CP aims to support and develop a sustainable community and society. With our “toilet for kids” project, we committed to build a toilet for school twice a year. Furthermore, we have educated children about sanitation to improve health and well-being.

Lastly, it is not only for business, but we are also concerned about the environmental friendliness. We create a project, called “We Grow Planting the Future”. The purpose of this project is to reduce an impact of global warming, and increase green space in Cambodia. We initially implement this project in the company’s areas around factories and farms. A total of 6,000 trees have been planted, including cypress, Chankiri or French tamarind and coconut trees.

We believe that a better life starts from good quality food. Think about food, think about CP.

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