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Restaurants increase safety measures to prevent C-19

Rhea Mae Soco / Khmer Times Share:
A man walking past a Chinese restaurant in Sihanoukville. AFP

Restaurant owners are advised to cater to only half of their shop’s capacity to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus disease, according to the Cambodia Restaurant Association (CRA).

CRA President Arnaud Darc said yesterday that rules of social distancing must be strictly implemented in every food service establishment.

“Restaurants must only run at 50 percent capacity, record all guests names as requested to be able to trace back in case of an event outbreak and provide the best service with best quality as always,” he said.

The CRA through their Facebook page has shown how to properly wash hands inside a restaurant which is one of the ways to avoid getting infected with the disease. At least 1.5 metres of distance from other people, equivalent to two arms, is being encouraged especially for dine-ins.

At the food safety forum held in Cambodia last week, Darc mentioned the pandemic has not only posed significant new challenges, particularly financial, but has flagged existing issues within the industry that will require renewed efforts in the new normal.

“Financially, the pandemic has put a huge burden on the food industry. Business is down by 90 percent in Siem Reap and 50 percent in Sihanoukville and Phnom Penh. This has led to some [businesses] either suspending their operations, closing or selling assets to try and keep open,” Darc said.

Restaurants in Phnom Penh are noticeably experiencing a decrease in customers as they are afraid of getting infected with COVID-19. Some food businesses even offer free delivery service to buyers just to keep their business going, he said.

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