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Cambodia’s gamer community is in for a treat! Cellcard has launched PlayGame Unlimited which offers gamers in the Kingdom unique game-related perks, with the most attractive benefit being unlimited data for those on a Cellcard SIM.

With the new product plan, gamers can also earn member points each time they subscribe to bundles or top up – these points can then be exchanged for PlayGame unlimited’s unique currency PlayCoins to purchase in-game goodies exclusive to Cellcard. Gamers also enjoy additional free data to enjoy Facebook Gaming with the option of having additional data bundles for other uses like streaming and browsing on social media platforms.

To connect the gaming community further, the new PlayGame Unlimited product will also enable gamers to generate and gift fellow gamers with special e-vouchers, providing access to global brands which are not yet available in Cambodia such as Steam, PlayStation, XBOX, Nintendo, Apple, Google Play, Spotify, Netflix, and Amazon. Gamers now have more options to stream, play and get the most out of their experience.

“I can already see how there will be more reasons to play even harder and with the additional streaming services that come with this product – I think it’s going to be a real game changer.” Henaa

This new offering comes after months of product design and development – Cellcard is thrilled to launch this gamer-focused product to enable the gaming community to flourish in Cambodia.

“There hasn’t been a similar product in the market that has been designed just for gamers. I’ve been gaming for years and I know how a service like this is going to make a big difference for rising Esports stars in Cambodia. I’m really excited!” – Ream Angkor

Don’t miss out on this awesome service brought to you by Cellcard. Once you have signed up on PlayGame Unlimited, every new member will have the opportunity to win a new iPhone 12 Pro from now till January 8, 2021. For all the gamers out there, it is time to level up and game on with Cellcard! Check it out now!

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