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Strict new C-19 safety rules to protect factory workers

Sen David / Khmer Times Share:
Garment workers in a Phnom Penh factory. KT/Chor Sokunthea

The Ministry of Labour on Wednesday issued additional guidelines on COVID-19 prevention measures in factories and enterprises in response to the “November 28 community incident”.


According to the statement, factories and enterprises are instructed not to allow any person who is not a manager, worker or official to enter or leave the factory premises, especially on the production floor. Any person without a clear travel history should be strictly prohibited.

It said that companies must keep a record of any foreign guests visiting the factory with their proof of quarantine, accommodation, health status and contact information.

They must wear a mask, wash their hands, check their temperature before entering the premises and have a staff assigned to monitor their adherence to the safety measures while visiting the factory.

“All workers must have their temperature checked and wear a mask before being allowed to enter the factory property and use hand sanitiser provided at the entrance to the production building,” it said.

It added that drivers must wash and spray their vehicle to kill the virus before
and after transporting the workers, and the workers must wear a mask when commuting together.

It also stated that workers must believe credible sources of information and avoid believing rumours that create chaos. The companies
must advise truck drivers
and workers not to travel anywhere a COVID-19 cluster has occurred.

Inspection officers must always wear a mask to perform their duties, especially when inspecting or resolving labour disputes at a factory.

They must prepare to cooperate with factories
and enterprises to educate, disseminate and introduce credible information about COVID-19 to increase the confidence of workers, it said.

National Union Alliance Chamber of Cambodia (NACC) president Som Aun said that the NACC team
is conducting campaigns against the virus.

“The ‘November 28 community incident’ was another new wave in which COVID-19 had invaded the community, requiring all Cambodians to join the fight by simply following the guidelines of Health Ministry and the government,” he said.

He said that the participation of the public is very important for a successful end to the pandemic.

On Wednesday, the Cambodian Labour Confederation (CLC) urged garment factory workers to strictly follow the Ministry of Health’s recommendations on preventing the spread COVID-19 after the community transmission was detected.

Ath Thorn, CLC president, said garment workers have nothing to be afraid of as long as they heed the government’s advice as well as constant reminders from the World Health Organization (WHO) on how to avoid contracting COVID-19.

Apart from the fear of getting infected, both foreign and local garment workers are also worried that they might lose their job as COVID-19 cases have soared after the “November 28 community incident”, he said.


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