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Christmas Chronicles 2: SANTA COMES EARLY

Taing Rinith / Khmer Times Share:
Kate (Darby Campy) and Jack (Jahzir Bruno) are transported to Santa’s Village in ‘The Christmas Chronicles 2’. Netflix

Two years after helping Santa Claus keep the Christmas spirit alive, Kate Pierce reunites with Santa again (and his wife) to save the holiday in “The Christmas Chronicles 2”.

In this sequel of one of the most successful Christmas films on Netflix, Kate, now a cynical teen, is annoyed when her mum has a new boyfriend, Bob.

While the family is spending time with Bob and his son Jack, three days before this year’s Christmas, Kate decides to run away, only to be involved in a plot to cancel Christmas by a troublemaker.

Jack follows her, and the two are both unexpectedly transported to the North Pole.

Almost frozen in the cold, Kate and Jack are saved by Santa, who brings them to Santa’s Village, where they are introduced to sweet and motherly Mrs Claus and the elves, to whom Kate is known as a celebrity.

They later learn about the original story of Santa and that the troublemaker is an elf-turned-human Belsnickel, who hates humans. It’s not long before Belsnickel launches his real strike, and now it is up to all of them to prevent Christmas from disappearing.

Santa Claus (Kurt Russell) plays a duet with pop veteran Darlene Love in the middle of a busy airport in ‘The Christmas Chronicles 2’. Netflix

Everyone is looking forward to “The Christmas Chronicles 2” when Chris Columbus, the director of Home Alone and two Harry Potter films, is directing it. The result is not a bad film for a few reasons; it fails to meet expectations and the story is definitely one of them.

First of all, there is too little logic even for a Christmas film when science, especially time-travelling, and magic collide and Santa suddenly feels like hosting a concert when he has his holiday to save.

Secondly, both the script and the film are unnecessarily long, resulting in some level of boredom. Last but not least, why do Jack and Mrs Claus play very small roles while they, too, are central characters?

However, Kurt Russell, despite having no belly like the real Santa, has given a magical performance as a lovable Saint Nicholas, especially in some funny Home Alone-style slapstick and when Russell gets to duet with pop veteran Darlene Love in the middle of a busy airport.

Goldie Hawn, who plays Mrs Claus, is a great addition to the cast, and as mentioned earlier, should have a bigger part in this. The film also shows actress Darby Camp from the other side as Kate Pierce dealing with a new change in life.

The CGIs are realistic and the music and soundtrack are really good. Despite some loopholes, this is the best Christmas Netflix original this season. You may want to watch this to escape from the harsh reality brought on by the pandemic.


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