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Grade 9 students worry about examination results

Tith Kongnov / Khmer Times Share:
Students arrive for Grade 9 exams at Preah Sisowath High School yesterday. KT/Siv Channa

Many students in Phnom Penh seem to have low expectations for their exam results as the tests began yesterday and will continue today, according to comments to Khmer Times.

Cheok Rithisak, a student at Tuol Tompoung secondary school, said that this year’s exam seems to be more difficult than last year’s because he did not study regularly and some students were not able to take the exam.

“Last year I heard my brothers and sisters say that exams were not as complicated and difficult as this year. In the past, I learned more, but when Cambodia began safety measures because of COVID-19, my friends and I did not learn much,” said Rithisak.

“This year, I’m really worried about my exam results, but I am most worried about the new COVID-19 outbreaks in the community,” he said.

Kim Makara, also a student at the Tuol Tompoung secondary school, said: “This year, we are not very optimistic, only 50 percent, because I did not study hard and there was another outbreak of COVID-19, so my studies were not 100 percent complete.”

Contrary to Rithisak and Makara, Chan Sochy, a student who sat the Tuol Tompoung exam, said that this year, the subjects did not seem to be difficult and she absolutely has hope of passing the exam.

“I have hope of up to 80 percent. Because of COVID-19, I had enough time to read lessons and do homework easily,” Sochy said.

A student’s mother, Seum Neang, also said that she was very worried about her children’s exams because recently there was a community transmission outbreak of COVID-19.

“I’m very worried about my son’s exams this year because COVID-19 measures have made my son’s learning not 100 percent complete,” Neang said.

Chhorn Nimol, another parent, said: “I’m very worried about a COVID-19 outbreak at the school, but I feel better when I see the school officials spraying alcohol, letting my child wash their hands and requiring students to wear masks at all times,” Nimol said.

Ros Soveacha, spokesman for the Ministry of Education, confirmed that the process of the secondary school diploma exam across the country yesterday was going smoothly nationwide.

“Overall, the Ministry of Education considers that the management of educational institutions, students and all relevant officials have consistently implemented safety and health measures,” Soveacha said.

Diploma examinations are scheduled with a total of 158,717 students in 1,729 centres with 7,141 rooms.


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