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Businesses struggling to cope post-floods

Scarlett Green and Tith Kongnov / Khmer Times Share:
Villagers who left VIP Borei during the floods return to clean their house after the water started to recede. KT/Chor Sokunthea

People in flood-affected areas, like Dangkor district, are struggling to get their lives back to normal.

Their businesses have been dramatically affected along with enduring increased threats of waterborne diseases.

Mok Lina, a doctor who sells medicine in Borey VIP, said that due to the floods in early October she has lost around $1,000 in income.

“Flash-floods this year have really affected my business. The water level this year was even higher than last year. As my house was completely flooded, I was stuck inside and could not go anywhere or continue with my business,” Lina said.

She added that before the floods, she would earn around $200 to $300 per day in her clinic from providing treatments and selling medicinal supplies to patients.

Tang Ly, a construction material vendor in Dangkor commune, said that she had not expected this year’s flash-floods to affect her house.

Ly said: “This year, half of my house was flooded, which severely affected my family’s income. I was barely able to pack my belongings when the floodwaters hit. The floods this year have made it very difficult to gain any revenue.”

Yon Yoeun, a grocery seller, said this year’s flash-floods were unusually high, forcing his sales to be suspended for nearly two weeks before the water receded.

Yoeun added that this year’s floods had destroyed more than $2,000 of his stock.

“This year, the continuous rains have caused a big loss for my business,” he said.

Health Ministry spokeswoman Or Vandine said: “Post-floods, waterborne diseases have been in control and the National Centre for Parasitology, Entomology and Malaria Control has done a good job in bringing the situation under control.”

Flash-floods cause severe impacts for both man-made and natural environments, especially within urban areas, the effects of flash-floods can be catastrophic.

This year’s flash-floods have taken 44 lives, hit 20 provinces and Phnom Penh, affected 149,857 families (about 599,428 people) and seen 47,584 evacuated. The floods have also submerged about 134,003 houses, 284,961 hectares of rice fields, 97,029 hectares of subsidiary crops and 951 schools that have been damaged or destroyed.

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