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MoH calls on public to protect themselves and health during upcoming cold season

Sen David / Khmer Times Share:
People make a fire to keep themselves warm during the cold season. Dap News

The Ministry of Health has issued a directive calling on the public to protect themselves and their health during the cold season.

A statement from the ministry yesterday said: “In order to protect yourself and your family and avoid falling ill during the cold weather, which falls between December and January, the ministry has released a number of guidelines for people to follow to maintain good health.”

“The ministry recommends people wear thick coats, scarves, hats and winter gloves to prevent the cold from touching the body in order to maintain its normal temperature,” it said.

“The most prevalent illnesses during the cold season is the common cold, which causes symptoms such as a runny nose, sore throat and cough. Covering the body will protect from it,” it said.

Anyone suffering from the symptoms, should seek help at medical centres, as well as covering their mouth when sneezing and washing their hands often with soap and water, it said.

“Infants, children and the elderly are at higher risk of cold-related illnesses. Babies and infants lose body heat faster than adults. Caregivers must help infants maintain their body temperature,” it said.

“Elderly people often have low body temperature due to slow metabolism and decreased physical activity, which can cause the body temperature to drop below normal. This can be life-threatening, especially to those with diabetes and heart disease,” it said.

It added that children and the elderly should wrap up when going out in cold weather, especially covering their head, arms and legs to stop heat loss, while drinking lots of water to avoid dehydration.

Hou Srey Na, a clothing seller from Kandal market, said that she always stocks up on warm clothing to sell during the cold season.

“During November and December, I always source padded and thick clothing to sell. They usually sell well as people want to keep themselves and their families warm during the cold season,” she said.

Khan Samnang, a resident who lives in Phnom Penh said that although they can feel the temperature getting colder now, it will continue to drop.

“The weather is cold but not too cold. For me, I like this weather but I am worried about my small child and elderly people in the family, so I will buy some thick clothes for them,” he said.

On November 13, Army commander Lieutenant General Hun Manet went to Kampong Thom and Takeo provinces to distribute winter coats – donated by Prime Minister Hun Sen – to soldiers.

Meanwhile, Brigadier General Kang Sao Kun, commander of Preah Vihear provincial military police also distributed winter coats donated by Mr Hun Sen to his units.

“Our armed forces must fulfill their responsibilities, which include maintaining their health during the cold weather season as well as their hygiene to prevent the transmission of diseases. This is especially important to prevent the spread of COVID-19,” he added.

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